Why you DON’T have to make ALL the decisions building a Luxury Home!


There are hundreds of decisions that need to be made during a custom luxury home project. Most of them, the builder can make unconsciously due to our experience and repetitions. However, there are many that the client MUST be present for, and make the final decision.

The first thing that my clients ALWAYS have to know is that when we speak, that I am speaking from my OWN EXPERIENCE. That makes it NOT right, NOT wrong, simply my opinion. I tell them what I would do in their situation. I tell them where I think that they can save money, and where they might want to put a little more in for re-sale purposes or lifestyle.

I try to ask better questions to find out what is TRULY important to them. Do they REALLY care about the flooring TYPE or do they care simply about the color and feel? Do they want a certain look or is functionality the most important? How do they live? What is the FLOW of how their family lives and works?

I find that after having conversations with my clients, the builders that they have met before say the same thing. “We can do anything you want”. This is quite the interesting statement.

First of all, most builders are used to building the same style house over and over, and most have NOT seen or been involved with a lot of higher end product and installations. You will generally find this in their price where they allot for a lot of error room.

Secondly, my clients are NOT supposed to be the experts in the building field. They DON’T know exactly what they want, rather they know what is IMPORTANT to them and it is up to me to work with them to match the level of material and service that they desire and require.

No two clients are the same. So, in saying that, we ask a lot of questions and LISTEN to the answers. What we do best is offer solutions to problems that they may have. Where do I put the most money? Do I choose A or B? What gives me the most resale?

Ultimately, building a custom home comes down to decisions. Who makes them, and how easily the process is laid out. Emmett Leo Homes does a great job at finding what is really important to our clients and over-delivering communication, integrity, quality and customer service.