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We understand that each of our clients may be at different points in the build process.  Even if you have consulted designers, builders, or architects, purchased land or built a plan, you STILL may not know the place to start.

 Emmett Leo Homes understands how to move your project forward regardless of your starting point.

Emmett Leo Homes Build Process

Step #1 – Initial Consultation

Our process in developing a relationship with our clients is quite simple.  We encourage you to set up an initial consultation so you can ask the questions that YOU are dying to ask, learn more about who we are and the kind of people you will be dealing with throughout the entire process. 

This is a great chance for us to take in more detailed information (and go through your filled out Emmett Leo Home’s ULTIMATE LUXURY BUILDING WORKBOOK) about you and your wants and needs, and to show you exactly what we do.  This is also a great time to review our portfolio of past projects.  

We believe that finding a builder you can trust is the most important thing to our clients, which is why we encourage you to learn about who we are as much as possible.  

You SHOULD know who your builder is and KNOW that you can TRUST him.

Look us up on Facebook.  Learn about our owner and what he believes in.  Ask your friends, family…. Watch us on Youtube, our blog and Instagram where we put out informative content frequently.

Step #2 – Design Concept and Budgeting

After initial consultation, you are provided with a design build proposal (scope of work, conditions, payment schedules and terms).

Once approved, we move into our Design Concept Phase. This is where we take all the information you have provided and dig a little deeper into any factor that may affect the design and development.

Should you already have land, we will have to assess any municipal by-laws, rights of way, easements, heritage designations or anything else that may affect your build.

We create layouts, where all of the rooms, requirements, and dream “must-haves” are put into an easily understood layout, with 3D elevations for you to better understand exactly what you will be getting.

Once concept is finalized and accepted, we create a project estimate based on the approved concept design.

Step #3 – Blueprints, Building Contract and Required Permits

After finalizing and reviewing the conceptual design, we create a set of “working blueprints” (the actual plans that we use to build from.  This allows us to create and present a building contract (scope of work, exterior and interior finishes, fees, general conditions, payment schedule, project schedule and resources) We work together to create a document that is easily understood that allows us to create your beautiful home without worry.  

Upon review and acceptance of building contract, we send the finalized building plans to the city to get all necessary permits to start building. 

Once we get the permits cleared, we set up all subcontracts and create a cohesive and comprehensive construction schedule.

Step #4 – Construction 

Once we are able to start the build process, the most important thing for us is the communication with you.  Whether you want to know what is going on weekly, monthly, or even come on site to see what’s going on, we will accommodate as much as possible. 

 Every step of the way, you can find out what is going on, (progress, potential issues, errors and remediation) quickly and easily.  

 Our process includes but is not limited to :

  • We prepare the land/site (e.g. fence, tree protection, drainage control)
  • Demolishing the existing structure(s) on the property.
  • We excavate site, pour the piles and foundation walls, install all necessary drainage, and backfill the site once the first floor framing is framed.
  • We then frame the shell: framing, complete roof, exterior barriers, exterior siding/cladding, windows and doors; electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems; insulation and drywall
  • Completion of interior finishings: flooring, cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures, trim installation and painting throughout

Step #5 – Your New Home is All Yours!

Once the home construction is complete (weather permitting for exterior), we professionally clean all debris from the site and have it in perfect “move in” condition.

We conduct a final walk-through and inspection to ensure that you understand the meticulous details that we have focused on and answer any questions you may have.

You will then receive your keys to your new home, an Emmett Leo Homes Homeowner Guide and your New Home Warranty.


 Emmett Leo Homes


The Builders Code Of Ethics

This is the Code by which I live and work. It is the Code to which any honest builder should adhere.  I promise the following: 



To willingly and proactively tell the truth, even when unpleasant. Without truth, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no relationship.


 To work with clients on the elements of their project where they have an interest, and to advise, guide or handle decisions for them with knowledge and expertise where they do not wish to be involved.


To communicate openly and honestly with the client regardless of self-interest or bias.


To openly choose material that benefits the client’s wishes, instead of personal best interest


To promote family connection through interactive communication and planning where all members are welcome and encouraged to be part of the process.


To not allow reasons, excuses, or deliberation from getting the results that we have discussed and agreed upon.


 To take ownership in the work that we do with the same weight given to making decisions as if we were living in the home ourselves.


To have and to show the utmost respect to our clients and employees, in our communication, and our execution.


 To stand by our clients, products and people and to take responsibility when mistakes, errors, and communications issues arise.


To understand our clients’ wants, needs and desires in order to provide valuable guidance with the client’s ideal goals in mind.


 To stand by our clients, products and people and to take responsibility when mistakes, errors, and communications issues arise.

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