About Daniel Nagy

Emmett Leo Homes is owned and operated by Dan Nagy. Dan brings a lifetime of building experience to every creation he touches. Growing up, Dan learned about construction from his father. Later in life, to satisfy his thirst for experience in the industry, he found as many builder jobs as he could while pursuing his dream of becoming a City Firefighter. For the next 11 years, Dan managed both roles, refining his skills and helping his community.

All was well, until a fateful accident nearly cost him his hand, and forced him to do some soul searching. “There are not any one-handed firefighters…” he thought. Harnessing his natural hunger to expand his knowledge, Dan threw himself passionately into learning everything he could about the business side of real estate investing and luxury home building.

For years, Dan worked with investors in one of the most challenging areas of the industry: building and flipping luxury spec homes. He had to prove that he could build gorgeous luxury homes, while ensuring the projects were profitable for his investors. Subsequently, Dan created an unbelievable luxury portfolio of homes which provided massive value to his investors, his clients and the marketplace.

Dan quickly realized that he had the knowledge of where to utilize a client’s investment in a project for the biggest return in value in addition to his years of building experience. These skills combined with the trust he earned from the community created a powerful and unique offering for customers and an instant recipe for success in the luxury home building space.

And so, Emmett Leo Homes was born.

We Create Beautiful Luxury Custom Home

We at Emmett Leo Homes are the best custom luxury home builders in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We are also the creator of the builder’s code, which is a unique set of codes and ethics to help guide the conducts of home builders. We have gathered a wide range of experience and expertise in the home building industry, owing to our prolonged stay in the industry. Coupled with extensive in-depth research to find out what works best in the luxury homes industry, we know exactly how and where to make use of client’s investment in a project for achieving the biggest possible return in value.

Our services include a simple and transparent process to help you build the perfect luxury home of your dreams. More, we are ready to join you in whatever stage you are, starting from the stage of finding the best property in your ideal location to the stage of completing your magnificent and luxurious new home.

Our services are unique and we set the pace in the industry when it comes to delivering the best construction, design, location assessment, budget management and permit acquisition; offering you an end result that is nothing short of your dream luxury home in the most possible seamless process, much to our unparalleled expertise.

We have a dedicated professional who is well versed and experienced with the highest expertise as a custom home builder, always ready to help you plan and build your dream custom luxury home. Our customer service is topnotch and we put in the efforts to ensure that with every experience, the needs and desires if our customers are adequately catered to. such that in the end, our clients are sure to get the best luxury home from a trustworthy builder, ultimately leaving them satisfied and happy.

Definitely, at Emmett Leo Homes, we help our clients open a world of possibilities in custom luxury homes. Welcome, and explore!

Builders Code Of Ethics

Choosing a builder is never easy. You can look at their pictures,  you can read a bit about what they put on their website, or read countless reviews, but how do you really KNOW a person or a company?  

  • What do they stand for?
  • What are they like in person?
  • How are they going to treat me if we disagree?

We live our personal lives by a CODE. Our code is to:

Tell the Truth

Be aware and responsible for words, and actions

Be relevant with our words and actions

Focus on Results  

We expect that from ourselves, therefore we expect that from our Company!

We know that words can be cheap, so we welcome anyone to get to know us, know how we work and operate, and see that we do what we say and live and build by our CODE!

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