Our Design Process

Our Build Process


Emmett Leo Homes – Design/Build Process Why Design Build.Points to cover are the complexities in building projects, the challenges in a typical architect driven bid process, the integrated delivery method.

STEP 1 – Preliminary Design Launch

Objective: This is where we learn about you.  What you want. It’s also a great time to show you our process and how it guides our clients to a build that is on-time and on-budget.


  • Schedule for development

  • Site Survey

  • Feasibility Assessment


Before we get started, let’s chat. Points to cover are the USP of the brand, why clients choose to work with us, learn more about us and our past success (Founder’s unique attributes tied to company USP)

STEP 2 – Architectural Design

Objective: We work closely with our in-house architects to create the layout and look for your home.  Our clients have a lot of input through precedent images that they can provide, and direct feedback to our design team.


  • Floor Plans

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Exterior renderings


Consultation, we come to you.Points to cover are this is where we learn more about the challenges in your current home, what your goals are, and how we can help bring that to reality through designing and building your project together

STEP 3 – Estimating Phase

Objective: Although we create a preliminary plan based on the budget, now is the time to get a better estimate which steers the architectural detailing to follow.   This is done to ensure that we do not end up with a design concept that our clients cannot afford to build.


  • Preliminary Budget

  • Material Allowances

  • Peace of Mind


Preliminary design contract. Points to cover are rough cost(helpful to publish), the ‘why’ a prelim is a great choice,how the integrated process will work (very high level),answer the architect/designer question (do I need one?)

STEP 4 – Construction Contracts & Permitting

Objective: Now is the time that we secure your project into a construction contract and into our construction calendar.


  • A fair and balanced contract

  • Finalized drawings

  • Permits


Setting initial conditions.Points to cover are measuring the existing house (reno) or lot (new-build). Introduction to design team.Feasibility of project is discussed at this phase including budget.

STEP 5 – Pre-construction

Objective: We work closely with our in-house architects to create the layout and look for your home.  Our clients have a lot of input through precedent images that they can provide, and direct feedback to our design team.


  • Finalized interior elevations and detailing

  • Finish Schedule of materials

  • A well-built and realistic schedule


Gathering information.Here we learn more about you,what you want, and then work to design this with our (in-house) team.

STEP 6 – Construction

Objective: Because of all of the planning and preparation we have done, the construction process can be exciting and stress-free.  We meet regurlarly to review progress, chat about how things are coming together and address any questions you have..


  • Your dream home

  • Delivered on-time

  • Delivered on-budget

  • A partner in the process


Design concept.Using our integrated design approach we consider your budget alongside the design process.We bring your dreams to life through the drawing process with our (in-house) design team.

STEP 7 – After Move-in Care and Maintenance

Objective: To help our clients maintain their homes to the highest level of quality and performance by someone that knows their home completely.


A partner that knows your house inside and out, and cares for it’s care and maintenance for as long as you wish.


Costing. Now that we have a developed design concept, we do a thorough costing to this to ensure that everything is aligned before proceeding


Our Construction Contract. It’s now time to engage in a contract based on the developed design concept and the working project budget


The devils in the details. Before we can launch intoconstruction we need to define the materials and details toensure that all PO’s are issued and everything is scheduled


The fun begins. Here is where all of our planning comes to 3D. During the process we will continue to counsel and collaborate with you giving you a lot of control over the process.Changes?No problem!We are here to make sure that the end product is exactly what you want


Part of the family.Our job doesn’t end when we hand over the keys.We deliver a close-out document which is like an operation manual for your new home.As well, we complete a walk through with you to ensure that you know how to use your home, and finally, we provide on-going maintenance work to maintain your investment.

Emmett Leo Homes presents

The Builders Code Of Ethics

This is the Code by which I live and work. It is the Code to which any honest builder should adhere.

I promise the following:

To willingly and proactively tell the truth, even when unpleasant. Without truth, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no relationship. 

To work with clients on the elements of their project where they have an interest, and to advise, guide or handle decisions for them with knowledge and expertise where they do not wish to be involved.

To communicate openly and honestly with the client regardless of self-interest or bias.

To openly choose material that benefits the client’s wishes, instead of personal best interest

To promote family connection through interactive communication and planning where all members are welcome and encouraged to be part of the process.

To not allow reasons, excuses, or deliberation from getting the results that we have discussed and agreed upon.

To take ownership in the work that we do with the same weight given to making decisions as if we were living in the home ourselves.

To have and to show the utmost respect to our clients and employees, in our communication, and our execution.

To stand by our clients, products and people and to take responsibility when mistakes, errors, and communications issues arise.


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